Bryn Mawr Buddies Preschool Volunteer Program


Reverse Inclusion Preschool in partnership with Early Childhood Special Education

Are you interested in a free preschool experience for your child?

Consider joining the Bryn Mawr Buddies program!

We are looking for preschool volunteers ages 3 to 5 years to be a part of our Early Childhood Special Education Classrooms for the 2015 -2016 School year. Our volunteers will act as buddies to students and act as role models for play, social skills and language.

The Bryn Mawr Buddy Program is 5 days per week. A 3 day option is also available.

Morning Session: 7:30am to 10:00am Afternoon Session: 11:30pm to 2:00pm



Bryn Mawr Buddy Application Form

To complete an application for the Bryn Mawr Buddies Program, please click here.

Bryn Mawr Buddy Information

The Bryn Mawr Buddies Volunteer Preschool Program is a free preschool experience for students ages 3-5.  As a Buddy, your child will become a member of our Early Childhood Special Education classrooms a become friends and models for our students.  For more infomration regarding what it means to be a Bryn Mawr Buddy, please click the link above.