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Writing Code

Learn how to write Code!

Learn how to write Code, part 2


Book Trailer Information

Podcast - Book Trailer in PowerPoint, part 1 - this podcast will show you how to start your book trailer in PowerPoint. It will show you how to add slides and transitions between slides. It will also show you how to add text and animation to text.

Book Trailers for Kids and Teens - check out this website if you need some inspiration for your book trailer. 

Adding pictures to your book trailer.

Below you will find copyrigh-free images that you can use for your book trailer:





Podcast - Adding Garage Band soundtrack to PowerPoint  - created by Will Marshall



New Books for the Media Center!

Help Ms. H. decide what new books to order for the Media Center by looking at the following book review websites and filling out your "New Books" handout. Then post at least 3 of your recommendations on your blog.

Hennepin County Library

Kids Read

No Flying, No Tights