Ms. Chavez---Physical Education

Hi my name is Ms. Anita Chavez and I am part of the Bryn Mawr Physical Education teaching team.   I have been at Bryn Mawr since 1996.  I love teaching PE and helping kids find their passion for being active and enjoy moving their body.  At Bryn Mawr we focus on team building and helping each other. We teach lifelong skills kids can use for the rest of their life. At the elementary level it is my job to make sure the kids have the skills to be successful in middle and High School PE. We work with my community organizations such as Inner City Tennis, MN Youth Soccer, Major league Baseball(Fun at Bat), NBA(Get Fit Program), MN Wild(Wild about Fitness), Cowless Dance Center(first and second grade), American Heart Association, Fuel Up To Play60 and others. 

Families are always welcomed in my gym just be ready to

move and work with your student.

Bryn Mawr received the Bronze award in 2011 from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. The school worked very hard to teach health in the classroom, have twenty minutes or more of recess and improve the over-all health of the school community.  I received the Channel 9 News Top Teacher Award in 2008.  Also, in 2008 I received the Mayors Healthy City Award for our cross country ski program.   I utilize a multi-sensory, cross-curricular teaching style.  Children learn the fundamentals of health, healthy living and nutrition. I teach the kids about wellness.  I teach cooperation,team work, and sportsmanship. I teach my students to enjoy moving their body to stay fit.  It is their body and they need to take care of it. 

I provide extra activities for students in

various grades when the students need more movement time. This helps our students stay focused on their learning. The Minnesota Youth Soccer Association comes every year and does soccer lessons with the children.   We also do Jump Rope for Heart for the American Heart Association. Bryn Mawr has done this event since 1996.

I have also done work with the students in cooperation with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Lynx and the Minnesota Twins.

Our children are the future.  We all need to be healthy, fit and happy!  Please help your family by making healthy food choices and get moving as a family!!!!

You can find Ms. Chavez in the Gymnasium.  You can contact her at: or call 612-668-2500.