Welcome to ECSE Autism

Our program at Bryn Mawr consists of four Early Childhood Autism classes. Our team has an expansive background with a combined 22 years of early childhood autism experience. Our philosophies combine the best practices for young children as well as children with autism, including: the Reggio Approach, Montessori, TEACCH, ABA, the Star Curriculum, Floortime, DIR. This allows us to differentiate our approach for each child's individual needs.  In addition to a variety of educational approaches the expertise from our many related service providers enhance the work we do in our classrooms. Our related service providers include Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, and Physical Therapists. We are lucky to have a District Program Facilitator who specializes in autism and connects us with various resources and ongoing teacher trainings.


Please visit your child's classroom website for more information.