Homework info


I provide a packet that is due once a week, but the worksheets are optional. Here is why: at this stage for your child, reading is the most important kind of homework. Therefore, I recommend at least 20 minutes a day of reading time. I have each student in the room set up with a RAZ-kids account to help with having books at their level. My teacher login name is amayn. You can also read to them, especially longer 'kid friendly' novels. This will help develop comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency.

Some general questions that work to deepen understanding are:

What does this text want me to know? What does it teach me? (come up with several things it teaches you)

What does it want me to understand? (come up with several)

How does it want me to feel? What emotions does it stir up?

Whose perspective is represented in this text?

What point of view is most fully explored?

Who is honored and privileged in this text? Who is marginalized?