Jessica Harrington


Hello! I'm Jessica Harrington, school social worker at Bryn Mawr Elementary in the Early Childhood Special Education Autism classrooms for 3-5 year old’s. I have been supporting the early childhood classrooms at Bryn Mawr for 3 years and have been supporting students of all ages for 11 years. I received my Bachelors and Master's degrees in Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago and Masters in Education for Youth Development Leadership at the University of Minnesota.

 I have a son who I adore. At two years old my family started the journey of supporting his Autism Spectrum diagnosis. I love spending time exploring the world through his eyes.  I believe this journey with my son is what has lead me to be where I am today supporting families and their children as many start the beginning of their Autism journey, both parents and child discovering the amazing ways their child learns and navigates the world.

 My journey to social work comes from my natural tendency to want to help. I come from a family of helpers starting with my grandmother who was social worker in the Chicago housing projects to my father who was chief of police.  I started my work in Chicago working in child protection helping to prevent teen mothers at risk of losing custody of their children. From there I moved to Minnesota to begin my career with Minneapolis Public Schools as a school social worker in 2010 and fell in love with helping students and families in an educational setting.

 My philosophy in social work practice starts with relationship building and partnership with students, families and co-workers. I believe going on this journey together, not for you or without you. My direct work with students starts with experiential activities that are hands on so students get the physical feel of learning. Advocacy is also a vital part of my role, supporting students and families who may be homeless, have special education needs, dealing with trauma, and ensuring a level of equity in providing resources and supports for students to be successful.

 My hope for our Bryn Mawr community is that all families regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientations, ability and socioeconomic status  feel welcomed, supported and cared for as they go on their educational journey. If you would like to reach me you can contact me at or call 612-668-2494. Please follow the link to the school social work virtual office for more information and links to resources that may be able to answer your question if you are unable to reach me immediately. Once in the office you can also click on my desk for resources catered towards ECSE families.


Jessica Harrington, MSW, M.Ed