Peter Gawienowski

My name is Peter Gawienowski, and I am a school social worker at Bryn Mawr Community School. I work primarily with grades 3-5 and our Federal Setting 3 classroom. The students know me as "Mister G."  I have been a social worker for Minneapolis Public Schools since 1995, and have been at Bryn Mawr since 2019.  Prior to working in the schools, I worked in the fields of homelessness and mental health.   I graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 1988, and the University of Pennsylvania in 1995 with a Masters in Social Work.

 At Bryn Mawr, I work with students and their families, our staff, and the community.  I support students with special education needs and connect with many of our students throughout the school day.  I support families who are homeless and experiencing a variety of other stressors.  I consult with staff regarding their concerns for students and families, and provide mediation support between students as needed.  I serve as a member of our school site emergency team, and support volunteers and family involvement throughout the school.

 If you'd like to contact me, please feel free to call 612-668-2492 or email me at:

Mr. Peter Gawienowski, LISW