Reading Expectations

Read books online at:  Every student has a log in. Parents can sign up to send messages and provide feedback too!

At the end of first grade, the goal will be to:

  • Read 66 words per minute
  • Read about 150 sight words fluently (example: the, said, she, turn)
  • Make connections from the book to themselves, other books, and the world at large
  • Read to level I with fluency, comprehension, and independence
  • Read four or more books every day independently
  • Talk about motives of characters
  • Respond to books daily
  • Discuss character traits and how a character changes
  • Summarize a story
  • Discuss the problems and resolutions of a story
  • Read non fiction text to learn, and understand the features of non fiction text (diagrams, table of contents, captions, and index)
  • Broaden knowledge of vocabulary
  • Love to read

Every child should read 15 minutes a/day at least four times a week. Read to your child as often as you can. Enjoy this time- they will be too big for your lap before you know it!