Jill Nierengarten - Distance Learning


Hello and WELCOME second grade families!


I am so excited to start our new learning adventure together. We will all be learning and cooperating together as we begin our new year. My hope is that we can all be open-minded, caring, and flexible throughout this process. We are in this together, and we WILL do this!

 😊Let me start with telling you a little about myself

I have been teaching within the Minneapolis Public Schools my entire career. I have a Masters in Education from the University of Minnesota and have taught most of my career in third grade, but in various other grades including second. I am so excited to be in second grade this year at Bryn Mawr, and look forward to engaging and motivating your child to be excited about learning!

I am a graduate of Minneapolis Public Schools. My degrees at the University of MN include a major in American Studies, a minor in American Indian Studies, and a second language of ASL. I love learning about history, cultures, and people. For me, continued learning, travel, and reading are essential. And I would also add...FUN!

The students teach me so much every year through project based learning, while using problem-solving strategies and practicing higher level thinking skills. I love teaching to the whole child based on standards and critical thinking. I teach my students how to be big thinkers and use inquiry to add depth to their learning. Things may look a little differently this year, but this team will rise to the challenge and be successful if we all work together!

 Jill Nierengarten