Playaway with its book Front of Playaway w/earbuds and foam covers Back of Playaway (the control panel) New material - Responsive Classroom Resource Library New material - 3rd grade Science textbooks New material - 3rd grade Focused Instruction Social Studies books New material - 1st grade Author Study kit - Pat Mora New material - 2nd grade Author Study kit - Vera Williams New material - 3rd grade Author Study kit - Allen Say New material - 4th grade Author Study kit - Chris Van Allsburg

What's New in the Media Center?

Playaways - all-in-one audiobook player accompanied with matching book. Playaways are great for reluctant/struggling readers who are not reading at their grade level, but want to read books that are at their age level. Students can listen to a story on the Playaway as they follow along with the book.  Playaways will be checked out by teachers for student use and must stay in the classrooms. Click below to see what Playaways we have in our Media Center.


New curriculum resources - all of these materials are located in the teacher resource area of the Media Center.