Vision Statement and Philosophy


Vision Statement

Media Center – the information hub of Bryn Mawr Community School.
The Bryn Mawr Media Center is a safe and warm learning environment, where the intellectual, social and personal development of all students and teachers is supported. Because much of Bryn Mawr School’s focus is on the development of community, the media center can be seen as a social space where students and teachers can gather ideas, exchange points of view, and learn together and from each other. The media center helps students become effective and discriminate users of ideas and information by providing them with access to a large assortment of resources (print, electronic, etc.) The media specialist, through collaboration with classroom teachers, will provide information literacy instruction to students that will allow them to become critical thinkers and successful 21st century learners. The media center helps create an environment of literacy throughout the school by fueling students’ passion for life-long reading and learning. This will be done by allowing students to explore their intellectual and recreational reading interests at their own pace. Teachers will be role models in the quest of life-long learning by utilizing the media center’s professional development collection. Essentially, the media center strives to give students the skills and resources that will allow them to become independent, self-motivated individuals who can achieve academic and personal success in the 21